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With more than 30 years of experience in high-quality design and material development for OEM and Tier 1 in the premium segment, Poppe has proven its worth as a reliable development and series supplier.

Our core competences include seals for vehicle bodies and components for the engine compartment, fresh air intake, doors and flaps, and for draining dirty water from the roof and tank filling areas.


Water Tank Seals

  • Multi-component profiles with features including integrated stretch protection and functional paint finish of the sealing surface
  • Media resistance against cleaning and conservation media
  • High noise insulation between engine and vehicle interior

Water tank seals are used for the targeted drainage of rainwater, meltwater and washer fluid from the windshield. The main aim is to prevent exhaust gas and vapor from entering the fresh air system. Thanks to our wide range of process technologies and our broad portfolio of materials, we are involved in water tank development right from the start.


Dichtung Motorenbereich

Engine Area Seals

  • High-temperature resistant materials
  • Optimal selection of materials in the engine area to reflect the environmental conditions of the vehicle lifecycle.


  • Media-carrying hoses for applications such as tank and drainage systems
  • Abrasion-proof, dampening protective hoses for applications such as pipeline systems
  • Media resistance against media such as oil, diesel, petrol, Ad Blue and water

Poppe’s media-carrying hoses offer a high degree of precision in terms of dimensional accuracy and roundness. Specialty production techniques allow us to achieve the most sensitive tolerances and manufacture hoses with small wall thicknesses. In addition to manufacturing simple hoses, our portfolio extends to include the attachment of injection-moulded parts as connectors to the hose fittings.



Engine Hood Seals

  • High-temperature resistant, multi-component profiles with features including integrated reinforcement of the mounting foot and functional paint finish of the sealing surface
  • Attachment of moulded parts to optimally reflect engine hood geometry
  • Functionality in a broad range of temperatures from -40 °C to +150 °C, high resistance to temperature cycling

Poppe engine hood seals are synonymous with innovative product design and application-specific material development. Among other things, they play an essential role in stable thermal management in the engine compartment and prevent exhaust gas and vapor from entering the vehicle’s fresh air system.


Adhesive Pads

  • Vibration dampeners between the tank system and the underside of the body or as distance holders for positioning the front and rear windows in the window frame
  • Simple mounting through various types of adhesive tape and kiss cutting

Poppe adhesive pads are used around the world as vibration dampeners or distance holders. Assembly using various types of adhesive tape enables optimal adaptation to the substrate of the adhesive pad. Our services include preassembled mounting kits with exactly the right quantities of adhesive pads (kiss cutting) and ensuring optical detection.



Coupling Elements

  • Cut profiles as an economic alternative to moulded products
  • Innovative material development for optimal dampening and elimination of interfering noise

Automobiles use a large number of electric motors. Poppe coupling elements play a vital role in dampening or eliminating the sound of these motors starting up. Precision production techniques mean we can ensure a high degree of dimensional accuracy. Additional machining allows us to achieve the most sensitive tolerances for function-relevant parameters.



Door Joint Seals

  • Multi-component profiles with integrated mounting system (adhesives, clips, fasteners) and functional/visible paint finish of the sealing surfaces
  • Media resistance against cleaning and protective medias

Poppe door joint seals are used to protect the entrance area of the vehicle against dirt deposits and to absorb driving noise, thereby increasing passenger comfort. Thanks to our intelligent design concept combining sealing and mounting functions, we are positioned as a reliable development partner for the automotive industry.



Power Window Inserts

  • Power window inserts for the friction-locked connection of the power window mechanism and the side window
  • Power window inserts secure the side window even when frozen.

Poppe power window inserts ensure that side windows sit safely and securely in the power window mechanism. Customer-specific contour die-cutting enables the optimal integration of our power window inserts into the customer’s assembly process.



Door Lock Bumpers

  • Cut profiles as an economic alternative to moulded products
  • Noise dampening for door locking systems
  • Grease and oil resistance

The doors of a vehicle are opened and closed several thousand times during their lifecycle. This places considerable strain on the door locks. Poppe door lock bumpers dampen the mechanical lock and absorb locking sounds – consistently throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.



Water Drain Hoses

  • Water drain hoses for draining the sunroof area
  • Attachment of injection-moulded parts creates integrated seal between wet area and interior
  • Optimized flow thanks to special hose geometries

Although not in sight, water drain hoses play a major role in ensuring the functionality of the sunroof and passenger comfort. The water drain hose, which is partially integrated into the body shell, directs rainwater, meltwater and washer fluid from the sunroof system to the wet area of the vehicle (e.g. the wheelhouse) quickly and silently.