2021 – Poppe GmbH does not belong to the Veritas Group anymore. Poppe is switching to the company-group Elastofirm from Netherlands and changes the company name to Poppe Elastomertechnik GmbH. Furthermore, the company expands the service and production with the LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber).
2018 – Win of the Special Award: LEAN Transformation - Winner for the category Automotive
2016 – Sale of Ahrensbök site
2015 – Integration of Veritas Sachsen GmbH (Polenz site) into the Poppe subgroup
2013 – Relocation of administrative offices to Ohlebergsweg, Gießen
2012 – “Ostsächsische Gummiwerke GmbH” renamed Veritas Sachsen GmbH
2008 – ISO/TS 14001 certification
2003 – ISO/TS 16949 certification
2000 – For generating more development, Poppe is opening a new location for improving extrusion-technologies.
1994 – Poppe acquires Globus Gummiwerke GmbH, Paul Schollain GmbH and Ostsächsische Gummiwerke GmbH
1961 – Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Poppe dies. His widow, Katharina Poppe, and his daughter, Ingeborg Poppe, take over as managing directors
1958 – Poppe acquires majority interest in Veritas AG and Ullrich Gummiwerke AG
1944 – Reconstruction of the company until the end of 1947
1944 – Two air strikes destroy the production facilities almost entirely
1935 – The company begins processing synthetic rubber
1918 – Conrad Wilhelm Poppe dies at just 44 years of age. His son, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Poppe, takes over as managing director
1911 – The company is formed by Conrad Wilhelm Poppe